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Company Profile

Fiber Solution India LLP is one of India’s leading Suppliers of Optical Fibre Cable. With over one & half decade of operations the company has built up a Supplying portfolio spanning all types of Optical Fibre cables, Telecom Cables, Instrumentation & Data Cables, Specialised Cables etc.

Fiber Solution India LLP has a prestigious clientele that includes government, institutional and major private sector organisations, both national & international, in Telecom, IT and Communication, Construction, Defense, Highway Traffic Management System amongst others.

Fiber Solution India LLP constructs and main tainstele communications and electrical assets and networks with in India for several service providers. Fibre Solution India can offer the benefits that come with an extremely experienced team of employees with an excellent knowledge and understanding of the tele communication & internet industries. We also realise the value of working with others to achieve the desired out comes of the customer.


To become the benchmark global manufacturing company for the fiber industry providing world-class products to satisfied worldwide customers through continuous improvement driven by innovations integrity, teamwork and creativity of our people.


Fiber Solution India LLP is committed to provide products and services that meet our customers' expectations in quality and seek to continually improve our performance by upgrading tangibleindices in our objective deployment matrix.

Fiber Solution India LLP Team

The Company is managed by friends with a vision to take the growth story to new heights. The management is supported by dedicated teamof engineering, marketing and finance professionals. The team of engineers and technicians are invaluable in developing and maintaining the high-quality standards of the company.

Fiber Solution India LLP alignment and harmony in its workspaces at all levels to maximise the productivity of the highly motivated team. The organisational culture is designed to encourage constant growth & improvement. Right from human capital to supplying infrastructure, the resources are amongst the best, making the team capable of delivering promises and surpassing expectations.

Fiber Solution India LLP Task Capability

Fiber Solution India LLP sell a diverse range of wires including Power Cables, Control Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Solar Cables, Building Wires, Flexible Cables, Flexible/Single Multi- core Cables, Communication Cables and others, including Welding Cables, Submersible flat and round Cables, Rubber Cables, Overhead Conductors, Railway Signalling Cables, Specialty Cables, Green Wires, Copper Cables and Optical Fiber Cables. In 2009, we diversified into the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) business of power-distribution and rural electrification projects. In 2014, we diversified into the FMEG segment including Switches & Switch gears, Lighting & Luminaires, Fans, Geysers, Home Appliances, OFC, FRP & ARP.

Fiber Solution India LLP provide all forms of tele communication work materials and Internet fitting essential to the efficient operation of our customer's network requirements. Our telecommunication and Internet services encompasses:

  • Turnkey projects
  • Communications network capabilities specialising in Fibre Optic splicing, testing & hauling.
  • Aerial Fibre construction and maintenance
  • Underground Cable construction and maintenance
  • Design, drafting and surveying
  • Surveillance & CCTV Installation
  • Communication industry services
  • Drill Boring & Excavation
  • CATV Network Construction and Maintenance
  • Reconnections
  • Overhead Fibre expertise
  • Back Bone (In Building Cable) Specialists

Fiber Solution India LLP also have extremely close working relationships with:

  • Soma Isoluxe
  • Tecsidel
  • IRB
  • HCL etc.

The above relationships allow Fiber Solution India LLP to complete any task as required to the very high standards that we pride ourselves in delivering on all jobs.

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